Faculty Publications


This list of faculty publications does not represent a complete body of scholarship for the faculty members from the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations. This collection contains only open access publications or publications that have been granted specific permission to be posted to UNI ScholarWorks, UNI's institutional repository.

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Submissions from 2015


Teachers’ Efficacy for Supporting At-Risk Students and Their Perceived Role in Dropout Prevention, Kimberly Knesting-Lund, Brent O'Rourke, and Anthony Gabriele



Graduate Program Redesign to Prepare 21st Century Educational Leaders, Michelle Abrego, Chuey Abrego, Timothy W. Gilson, Nicholas J. Pace, Mary J. Goggins Selke, and Peggy Smith


Champion or Chump: Using a Book-Length Case Study to Evaluate a Mythical Principal, Nicholas J. Pace and Timothy W. Gilson

Submissions from 2012


How Mathematics Teachers Can Help Curb Childhood Obesity, Elana Joram and Anthony J. Gabriele

Submissions from 2009


Health Literacy in the Mathematics Classroom: The Iowa Core Curriculum As An Opportunity to Deepen Students’ Understanding of Mathematics, Elana Joram, Susan Dobie-Roberts, and Nadene Davidson


Personal Epistemologies and the Learning Paradox in Teacher Education: A Neglected Dilemma, Elana Joram and Carmen Montecinos

Submissions from 2006


Taking a Closer Look at Measurement – Using Teacher Read Alouds of Nonfiction to Develop Students’ Measurement Sense, Elana Joram and Faith Garcia