Undergraduate Student Work

Undergraduate Student Work


This collection contains research and creative works by undergraduate students at the University of Northern Iowa. at the University of Northern Iowa. All student works require department, unit, or individual faculty review.

UNI's Undergraduate Student Work collection is featured in the Digital Commons Undergraduate Research Commons.


Events from 2022

Do Couples Who Flow Together Grow Together?, Lani Alber

The Highs & Lows, Stephanie Alfaro

Shadowing a School Counselor, Jessika Allison

The Role of Covid-Related Stressors on Sleep and Mental Health Outcomes, Tyler Anderson


The Solar Eclipse of 1869 as seen in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, Trishyan Anthony Open Access Poster Presentation


Changes in brain oxygenation of rugby players before and after head trauma, Megan Benmore Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Mindfulness in Injury Recovery, Megan Benmore

Changes in Brain Oxygenation of Rugby Players Before and After Head Trauma: A Preliminary Study, Megan Benmore, Ben Boezinger, Kate Hermsen, Dietrich Wagner, Faith Oostra, JD Fielder, Andrew Davis, and Mark Hecimovich


Assessing and Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Student Athletes - A Case Study of The University of Northern Iowa, Samantha Bennett


Assessing and meeting the mental health needs of student athletes - A case study of the University of Northern Iowa, Samantha Bennett Open Access Honors Program Thesis


Assessing and Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Student Athletes - A Case Study of The University of Northern Iowa, Samantha Bennett Open Access Poster Presentation


Best practice for treatment and prevention of ankle sprains in ballet dancers, Sara Bergin Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Nature and Mindfulness, Sara Bergin

Weather Effects on Mental Health, Brady Beyer

The Alexander Technique, Trey Blaser

Resident Assistant in Rider Hall, Natalie Bohnsack


College-age students' attitudes toward essential oils, alternative medicines, and modern medicine, Taylor Nicole Brown Open Access Honors Program Thesis


Teaching Social Justice Issues Through Mathematics Curriculum, Lydia L. Butters Open Access Poster Presentation

AR Scale Modeling, Kade Buysse

Childhood Inequalities: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Emotional Development of Children Who Grow Up Reliant on Older Siblings, Jasmine Carbin

How Video Games Tell Stories, Jake Chaplin


Wage Inequality Amongst Artists, Raegan Christianson

Impact of Sonic Environments on our Mood, Emily Clouser


How exercise affects the musculoskeletal system in the biological sexes: A literature review, Lauren Connolly Open Access Honors Program Thesis

What’s the Dam Problem? Geopolitics of the Nile, Lucas Corbett


A Review of Selective Mutism in Immigrant Children, Lauren Cummings Open Access Poster Presentation


Selective mutism in immigrant children, Lauren Cummings Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Unearthing Fast Fashion, Allyson Davis

Environmental Implications of Cryptocurrency, Trey Davis

Shine your Light: Shadowing an Elementary School Counselor, Emily Debord


The effects of acute aerobic exercise on motor cortex activation and piano performance, Maya Deuso Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Acute Aerobic Exercise-Induced Motor Priming Improves Piano Performance and Alters Motor Cortex Activation, Katie Dorman, Maya Deuso, Andrea Johnson, Molly Thomas, Colin Evers, Abi Auten, Kristina Cavey, and Kelsey Bourbeau

American Agriculture and How Mexico Pays For It: How Midwestern Agricultural Runoff Has Cost Gulf Economies, Emma Durian and Monica Carroll


Blough dairy farm comprehensive safety & training manual, Riley Elaine Elenz Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Graduate student knowledge and skill development in infant feeding: Effectiveness of high-emotion simulator training, Emmalee Fannon Honors Program Thesis (Electronic Copy Not Available)

Graduate Student Knowledge and Skills in Infant Feeding Following High-Emotion Simulator Training, Emmalee Fannon and Madison Kolbet Poster Presentation (Electronic Copy Not Available)

Ding Dong Its Duo, Kenzie Garman


Presidential Agenda Rhetoric in the State of the Union Address: Obama and Trump, Danielle Goedken

Flow from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Exploratory Case Analyses of Post-traumatic Growth after Life-altering Attention Loss, Kaitlyn Grimes

Teacher’s Assistant at the UNI Child Development Center, Madelyn Hibbs


Young adult Holocaust literature: How is the Holocaust depicted and what is appropriate to teach?, Madison Hilbert Open Access Honors Program Thesis


Media Suppression in Africa and the Balkans - How Economic Distribution Impacts Freedom of the Press on an International Level, Lindsey Ingraham

Psychological Internship: Art Instruction, Jenna Jansen

How Pets Support/Impact Mental Health?, Christian Jauron

Consumerism and Mental Health, Esha Jayswal

Volunteering at Riverview Center, Kate Jensen


Internship at House of Hope, Ana Marie Juarez-Morales

…Four Feet High & Rising, Ross Keane

My Journey to Wellness: Working at Student Wellness Services, Megan Keniston

Student Evaluations of Teaching: Perceptions of Opportunity to Observe and Evaluation Quality, Carter Knapp, Alexander Lopez, Jessika Allison, and Tyler Larson

Racial Justice & Mindfulness, Serenity Kollasch


Influence of the CPA credential on the life satisfaction of University of Northern Iowa accounting alumni, Derek Richard Koppes Open Access Honors Program Thesis


Communication in mass media surrounding public health crises: A comparative analysis, Megan Grace Kramer Open Access Honors Program Thesis

How Nutrition/Diet Effects Mindfulness, Sierra Kuhlers

Well-Being & Money, Spenser Larson


Optimization of micro-ct protocols for non-destructive identification of ligament ultrastructure in the zebrafish, Danio rerio, Spenser Jared Richard Larson Honors Program Thesis (UNI Access Only)

Mindfulness and School Counseling, School Psych, Tyler Larson

Student Evaluations of Teaching: Perceptions of Utility, Tyler Larson, Jessika Allison, Alexander Lopez, and Carter Knapp

Public Service Employee Burnout and How Mindfulness Can Help, Monica Lewandowski

What is it like to be Queer on Campus?, Archer Lozier

Parenting Styles and Mental Health, Eva Mccoy

Brain Injury and Well-Being, Steele Mckinnon


Analog Studies of Organic Pathways in Wind Cave through Cave Water and Crystals, Wilson McNaughton Open Access Poster Presentation

Towards Developing Flying Mesh Networks for Disaster Scenarios, Tyler Michalicek Poster Presentation (Electronic Copy Not Available)

Observing Occupational Therapy in Practice, Emily Miehe

Evaluating Food Insecurity on Campus through Service-Learning Partnership with Panther Pantry, Ashlyn Miller, Kaleah Davis, Anna Harwick, and Laura Solis-Meza

Civil Religion and John F. Kennedy, Erin Miller

Zoom Call Lockdown, Victoria Moon


Exploring high school students' perceptions post a social justice mathematics lesson, Emily Terrones Moore Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Chronic Fatigue Related to Iron Deficiency and Mental Health, Katelyn Moore

Student Attitudes Towards the Military, Alyssa Morgan


Weird critters: A visual narrative inspired by paleontology and teratology, Kate Murray Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Emissions of NFTs, Jacob Nelson

Spotify Generation, Kane Oleson


Testing the efficiency of the NFL betting market, Ryan Earl Oswald Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Mindfulness and Gardening, Carter Pennings

Virtual Conversations with la Universidad Marista, Sara Petersen and Kyle Spaete

'Lady in the Lake': An Unsolved Crime by Water Jurisdiction, Hayley Peterson

The Tigress of Forli: The Undiscussed History of Caterina Sforza, Sydney Peterson


Maternal Mortality in the United States: Focusing on Societal Impacts and Potential Solutions, Grace Petrzelka Open Access Poster Presentation

Integration of the Flow Dimensions in Recreational Fitness Training: An Exploratory Investigation, Carter Powell


Leveraging machine learning for detecting IoT-based interference in operational wifi networks, Josh Pulse Open Access Honors Program Thesis


Leveraging Machine Learning for Detecting IoT-based Interference in Operational WiFi Networks, Josh Pulse Open Access Poster Presentation

Running/Exercise and Well-Being, Josh Pulse

A Citizen's Duty Towards Political Topics and Issues, Adam Ramker

Joy Related to Color, Perception, Lizzy Richardson


Behind Closed Doors: A Look Into Gender Violence in the Military, Holly Rigel

Conversaciones sobre los latinxs en EE.UU.: A Spanish-language Podcast, Emily Robinson


Social media recruitment and online propaganda by extremist groups, Megan Marie Robinson Open Access Honors Program Thesis


It's possible: Creating an ability inclusive production approach for the musical Cinderella, Danielle Jean Schmaltz Open Access Honors Program Thesis


"Descendant" or "The Children of Life:" Superhumans, not superheroes, Kellen Schmidt Honors Program Thesis (UNI Access Only)


Soil organic carbon accumulation in restored native prairies over time, Samrin Shahnaz Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Road Salt and its Effects on Iowan Waterways, Casey Shanaberger

Undergraduate Research Assistant at University of Northern Iowa Center for Social and Behavioral Research, McKenzie Simon

Volunteer Experience with Junior Achievement, McKenzie Simon


Animal adoption profiles: An application of the human-animal connection, Autumn Stowe Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Chemical Substitution Induced Half-Metallicity in Heusler Alloys, Lukas Stuelke Poster Presentation (Electronic Copy Not Available)

Benefits of Minimalism on Mental Health, Madison Tenhulzen

Mindfulness in Education, Max Tensen


The Gender Bias Burden on Business: Women’s Access to Credit in Bahrain [poster], Sandra Thiman Open Access Poster Presentation