Events from 2018

Social Media Terms for ESL Students, Michael Curtis Poster Presentation

When the Doctor Came to Dubuque: The Story of the Henry D. Cogswell Statue, Elizabeth Dickhut Creative Performance

Belief and Doubt: Excerpts of a Memoir, Moriah Henkelman Creative Performance


Language Policy in Sudanese-Arabic Speaking Families, Marwa Ibrahim Open Access Oral Presentation

The Other Side of Blood, Arielle Irvine Creative Performance

Two Funerals: A Short Story, James Keane Creative Performance

Queer Citizenship: Lesbian and National Identities in Radclyffe Hall's "The Well of Loneliness" and Compton Mackenzie's "Extraordinary Women", Hannah Lane Oral Presentation

The Moth-Eaters, Adrianne Lloyd Creative Performance

A Three-Year Old Bilingual Child's Use of the English Article System: Negative First Language Transfer or Typical Development?, Rana Moustafa Oral Presentation

Her Collection, Randi Smith Creative Performance

Events from 2017

Bilingualism in Blended Families: Key Issues and Applications for Parents and Educators, Brandi Ananzeh Oral Presentation


Editing Creative Manuscripts—Becoming a Multimodal Entity: From Manuscript to Multimodality, Victoria Bertelsen Open Access Poster Presentation

Viride, Rae Iolene Bing Creative Performance


Introducing Corpus Linguistics to Iranian EFL Teachers, Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi Open Access Poster Presentation

Apart: A Short Fiction Story, Jen Corrigan Creative Performance

Too Important, Too Impossible: The Present Absence as Communist Threat in The Fly (1958), Jen Corrigan Oral Presentation

Why Click Bait Matters: False Wonder and Awe in the 2016 Presidential Race, Elizabeth Dickhut Oral Presentation

Frankness in Gethsemane, Moriah Henkelman Creative Performance

Shaking Hands, Jim Keane Creative Performance

Spanish in the United States: An Analysis of the Linguistic Landscapes of Rural Hampton, Iowa, and Clarion, Iowa, Samantha Kohls Oral Presentation

Teaching Reading to Adult ESL Learners Who Have Low Literacy in Their First Language, Karen Potter Oral Presentation

The Cold War Through Re-Runs: An Examination of the Intersection Between Popular Culture and the Cold War, Jeremy Roberts Oral Presentation

Code of Conduct, Kathryn Wohlpart Creative Performance

Events from 2016

Ecocritical and Postcolonial Study of Humans, Land, and Space, Alia Afzal Oral Presentation

El Rol de la Lengua: Un Analisis de la Falta de Conocimiento del Espanol de Los Jovenes Latinos en la Television Americana, Liz Becker Oral Presentation

Depression Era Writing: Laura Ingalls Wilder and the American Dream, Victoria Bertelsen Oral Presentation

Language Capital and Ideology: A Small Group of Mayans in Iowa, Ashley Boose Oral Presentation

The Language of the 2016 Election: Creating Language Ideologies, Lynette Cavin Oral Presentation

“Me Time”, Cody Chesmore Creative Performance

Four-Minute Stories: Three Flash Fiction Pieces of Five Hundred Words Each, Jen Corrigan Creative Performance


Huckleberry Finn and the Picaresque as Lens Against Debt Peonage, Cory Dahlstrom Open Access Oral Presentation

Espanol el los Estados Unidos: Un analisis del paisaje linguistico de rural Hampon, Iowa. Spanish in the United States: An Analysis of Rural Hampton Iowa's Linguistic Landscape, Samantha Kohls Oral Presentation

Fomacion de la Identidad Feminina en la Novela Todos Se Van, Amanda Raymond Resendiz Oral Presentation

Los Comediantes Mexicanos-Americanos: Como Utilizan el Lenguaje para Contruir la Identidad Etnic Tras el Humor, (Mexican-American Stand-Up Comedians: How They Utilize Humorous Language to Construct Ethnic Group Identity), Jillian Siehlmann Oral Presentation

Motivation to Study Language: Gender Differences and its Applicability to University Foreign Language Programs, Christiana Smith Oral Presentation

Events from 2015

Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol are All Topics of Rap, but What About God?:The Anomaly of Reach Records in the Mainstream Rap Scene, Marci Swank Oral Presentation