Undergraduate Student Work


This collection contains works written by undergraduate students in the Department of Theatre at the University of Northern Iowa. All student works require department, unit, or individual faculty review.

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Submissions from 2022


It's possible: Creating an ability inclusive production approach for the musical Cinderella, Danielle Jean Schmaltz Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Submissions from 2021


Impacts of theatre on the mental health of high school students, Madeline Ludwig Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Events from 2020


Poisons in Romeo and Juliet, Jenna Bauch Open Access Poster Presentation

Submissions from 2019


She's not allowed to do that: performing stigmatized same-sex sexuality, Orion Lee Risk Open Access Honors Program Thesis 2019 Award


She's Not Allowed to Do That: Two Actors Embody Female Same-Sex Sexuality, Orion Lee Risk Open Access Poster Presentation

Events from 2018


Much Ado About Gender: How Artists Express Feelings about Gender Discrimination through their Art, Anna Larson Poster Presentation (UNI Access Only)

Submissions from 2014


Next to normal: a costume design based in psychological research, Grace R. Kinser Open Access Honors Program Thesis

Submissions from 1998


Creating a textual performance piece, Karen Pitcher Open Access Presidential Scholars Thesis