Featured Publications

The featured publications listed below are collections in the University of Northern Iowa's institutional repository, which have been selected to be highlighted because they fall in one of several categories. Categories include hidden gem, feature student work, seasonal aspect, popular, or they highlight some university initiative. The list of featured publications is changed each semester.

Graduate Research Papers (Student Work)

The Graduate Research Paper/Project is a non-thesis paper/project, which can be considered the capstone of the graduate program. For the paper, students synthesize information they have learned throughout the program and apply it to the field experience. To view the Award Winners, click here.

From this page, you can browse our Graduate Research Papers by academic department or by the year of completion Some Graduate Research Papers/Projects are not eligible for open access.

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College of Education

Iowa Science Teachers Journal (Iowa Academy of Science)

ISSN 0021-0676

The Iowa Science Teachers Journal, co-sponsored by the Iowa Academy of Science and the University of Northern Iowa, is dedicated to the improvement of science teaching and to the stimulation of interest in scientific studies. The journal was published in print format from from 1963 (vol.1) to 1994 (vol.31 no.1). It was revived as an electronic journal in fall 2005 (vol.32 no.3; vol.32 nos.1 & 2 were never published), and continued publication through winter 2012 (vol.39 no.1). Vol.1 through vol.10 issues show the title as Iowa Science Teachers' Journal.

Tallgrass Prairie Center Theses & Dissertations (Student Work)

This collection contains UNI theses & dissertations on topics related to the Tallgrass Prairie Center's initiatives..

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UNI Commencement Programs

This collection contains commencement programs for graduation ceremonies at the University of Northern Iowa. It also includes some early documents related to UNI commencement, including invitations and schedules. The university was known as Iowa State Normal School until 1909, Iowa State Teachers College from 1909 to 1961, and as the State College of Iowa from 1961 to 1967. These commencement programs are not an official graduate list.

Material of the type found in this collection can also be found in print format in Special Collections & University Archives. For more information, see the finding aid for this specific collection.

Works Related to the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory (all works) (Iowa Lakeside Laboratory)

This collection contains all works found in UNI ScholarWorks and other Digital Commons repositories related to the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory. To go back to the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory page to browse other collections related to the lab, click here.