Iowa Academy of Science

Iowa Academy of Science

Executive Director: Craig Johnson

The Iowa Academy of Science was founded in 1875. The Academy brings together members of Iowa's science community and other science related disciplines. Our Annual Meeting is held in April. It attracts several hundred attendees for two days of science presentations by national, regional, and Iowa speakers. It hosts over 100 Iowa-based oral and poster research presentations.

The Academy provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to present their research in a collegial atmosphere close to home. The event is affordable while offering a professional experience for students with opportunities to meet scientists and science educators from across Iowa. The Academy Annual Meeting is hosted by the public and private colleges and universities that are Institutional Members of the Academy.

The Iowa Academy of Science began publishing the Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Sciences in 1887 and continued until 1987 when it became known as the peer-reviewed Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science. The change coincided with the 100th Annual Meeting of the Academy concluding a process that began in 1971 when the Proceedings became a quarterly periodical which included papers that had not been presented at the previous annual meeting.


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