The Iowa Academy of Science began publishing the Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science in 1887 (volumes 1-12 are titled Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Sciences). The publication continued until 1987, when it became known as the peer-reviewed Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science. The change coincided with the 100th Annual Meeting of the Academy, concluding a process that began in 1971 when the Proceedings became a quarterly periodical which included papers that had not been presented at the previous annual meeting.

Current Volume 94, Number 4 (1987)

Issue cover date: December 1987

Front Matter

General Interest Article



Modified Static Mercury Drop Electrode p. 105-106
B. Lyon and E. B. Buchanan Jr.


Method of Extracting Starch from Bacteria p. 107-110
J. M. Dunleavy and K. S. Gobelman-Werner


An Exposure of the Sangamon Soil in Southeastern Minnesota p. 111-115
R. S. Lively, E. A. Bettis III, G. R. Hallberg, and H. Hobbs


Iowa's Forest Area in 1832: A Reevaluation p. 116-120
George W. Thomson


Life History of Elsinoe panici p. 121-127
A. W. Gabel and L. H. Tiffany

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