The Iowa Academy of Science began publishing the Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Sciences in 1887 and continued until 1987 when it became known as the peer-reviewed Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science. The change coincided with the 100th Annual Meeting of the Academy concluding a process that began in 1971 when the Proceedings became a quarterly periodical which included papers that had not been presented at the previous annual meeting.

The Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science (1988-present) was preceded by the Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science (1887-1987).

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Current Volume 116, Number 1-4 (2009)

Issue cover date: January-December 2009

Front Matter

General Interest Article



Gully and Stream Bank Erosion in Three Pastures with Different Management in Southeast Iowa
George N. Zaimes, Richard C. Schultz, and Mustafa Tufekcioglu


SOM Loss and Soil Quality in the Clear Creek, IA
A. N. Thanos Papanicolaou, Christopher G. Wilson, Abaci Abaci, Mohamed Elhakeem, and Mary Skopec

Science Education


Enhancing Iowa High School Students' Transition to College
K. E. Lassila, L. C. Rule, C. Lee, R. J. Driggs, G. Fulton, M. Skarda, and J. Torres y Torres

Back Matter