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Often, as organizations deal with issues affecting motivation, productivity and the challenges faced by the changing work force, focus is directed at the worker and not the job. Too many managers and supervisors believe that the technology or the task to be accomplished mandates the design of a job, thus making the job design fixed. Job enrichment is a process that can provide an opportunity to empower employees in their work by providing them the opportunity to perform complete tasks, rather than oversimplified tasks developed through specialization of labor. Job enrichment is a specific form of job redesign and is defined as the change in the content and level of responsibility of a job to provide greater challenge to the worker by providing a vertical expansion of responsibilities.

The problem of this study was to determine the steps necessary to implement a job enrichment process. Through a synthesis of the various resources, the following steps were compiled for implementing a job enrichment process: (1) Obtain management support and commitment, (2) Determine if managers want or will allow job enrichment, (3) Review employee job descriptions for terms or phrases that describe tasks being performed in pieces, ( 4) Conduct employee interviews to determine if workers want job enrichment, (5) Have employees respond to a job analysis questionnaire as a means for employees to describe their job, (6) Mutually explore tasks that are currently structured so employees cannot perform the complete job, (7) Identify training needed, (8) Provide feedback to employees, (9) Adjust any job description wording that contradicts job enrichment results, and ( 10) Monitor the process. A list of important aspects and issues about the process are also presented to help reduce problems that may arise in the implementation process.

The presented job enrichment plan provides guidelines for managers who want to empower employees in their work by providing them the opportunity to perform complete tasks. Job enrichment offers a sense of meaning to work because employees can identify how they contribute to and impact the whole system. Job enrichment is a motivational approach to improving productivity by promoting dignity as workers are given responsibility and authority to control their work.

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