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As demands made upon administrators, teachers, and schools increase, the decisions which principals make often have to be justified to people who are outside the immediate educational circle. Many of these decisions are extremely complex and place the principal, who tries to shoulder the burden alone, under considerable pressure. It would seem that the days of the successful autocrat are numbered. In an attempt to deal with this problem, writers (Guba, 1960; Dallas, 1978) have proposed ideas which would involve teachers to a far greater extent in the decisionmaking process, supporting the old adage that 11many heads are better than one. 11 Indeed, some writers (Magoon and Linkhous, 1979; Batchler, 1981) have conducted studies into the relationship between teacher morale and the school environment in which they work. Research results suggest that a more democratic, consultative approach to administration would not only relieve the principal of some of the pressures, but also nurture a more positive, enthusiastic attitude among teachers.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Donald L. Hanson

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Robert Krajewski


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