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In order to understand the issue of nonverbal communication in the workplace as perceived by men and women, the work history of men and women and how they arrived at the present point of communication must be looked at. It must also be established what the meaning of nonverbal communication is. This research will provide a guide to establish these two points. After World War II, and especially within the past 20 years, more and more women have entered the work force. "It is estimated that by the year 2000, the percentage of women will grow to 50% of the labor force." (Hilgert, 1990, p. 19). Prior to this period, men were dominant in both the blue collar manual work force and the professional white collar work force. Men adapted to one another well in the workplace, partially due to their competitive social environment, in addition to their religious background and doctrines. The nation developed, businesses flourished, lifestyles changed, and the economy expanded. With this economic growth came increased prices, a higher cost of living, and a restructuring of the family. Many families that were once supported by the man as the primary breadwinner now required two incomes to support the family. Women who once had been caretakers of the home and the children entered the work force outside of the home (Hilgert, 1990).

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