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Fantasy games; Reading (Middle school); Reading (Secondary); Books and reading;


The purpose of this study was to explore the role that tabletop role-playing games (TRPGs) play in developing the literacy skills and leisure reading interests of teenagers who play them. Additionally, this study sought to determine what role or roles educators should play in developing the gaming culture of teenage students. In order to answer these questions, seven people who played TRPGs as teenagers were interviewed about their past and current TRPG interests, past and current leisure reading habits, and the effects that playing TRPGs had on their literacy skills. This study revealed that all participants felt that playing TRPGs improved at least one literacy skill and that greater depth and breadth of TRPG experience helped some participants to surmount real or perceived difficulties with reading or speaking; TRPGs also helped participants improve listening skills . In most cases, playing TRPGs also led to a greater quantity of leisure reading. However, TRPGs did not appear to influence which genres participants read; some who previously read fantasy appreciated the connections they saw in TRPGs; yet others did not see TRPGs relating to their reading interests. While some participants saw their schooling and TRPG interests overlap, none saw a need for educators to take an active role in encouraging TRPG gaming among students.

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