Faculty Publications


Publications written by faculty and staff in the Department of Management at the University of Northern Iowa.


Submissions from 2018


Managing the Scientific Literature Overload: Digital Object Identifiers and Scopus, Daniel Power and Rassule Hadidi

Events from 2017


A Critical Review of Decision Support Systems Foundational Articles, Gloria Phillips-Wren, Mary Daly, Daniel Power, and Frederic Adam

Submissions from 2016


Academic panel: Privacy, technology and surveillance in the digital age: the Big Brother scenario, Mari Buche, Joey F. George, Deepak Khazanchi, Daniel Power, and Michael Zimmer


Information Technology is Transforming the Heartland: Making the Case for Midwest United States, Rassule Hadidi, Daniel Power, and Joey F. George


Celebrating 50 Years of Management Information Systems (MIS) Research and Teaching, Daniel Power, Rassule Hadidi, and Kevin P. Scheibe

Submissions from 2013


vManagement: Initial Exploration of Management Practice, M. Susan Wurtz, Dale Cyphert, and Leslie K. Duclos

Manuscripts from 2000


Toward A Model of International Compensation and Rewards: Learning From how Managers Respond to Variations in Local Host Contexts, Matt Bloom , George T. Milkovich, and Atul Mitra

Submissions from 1996


A Model for the Optimal Timing and Sizing of Capacity Increments for Single-Location Facilities, Samia M. Siha and Chandrasekhar Das

Submissions from 1982


Acquiring Small and Medium-Sized Companies: A Study of Corporate Decision Behavior, Daniel Joseph Power

Theses/Dissertations from 1977


Power, Daniel J. (1977), Design and development of DECAID: a CAL decision formulation program