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Digital game-based learning can be used by educators to support students in developing skills. This review examined the effect of digital game-based learning on student learning at the K-12 level. Sixteen peer-reviewed research studies, two meta-analysis studies, and two literature reviews published between 2011-2019 were selected for analysis. The reviewed research indicated that when digital game-based learning is used that includes key game design elements (collaboration, choice, feedback) as well as instructional design, there typically is a positive impact on student engagement. Research also indicated that digital game-based learning along with collaboration can have a significant effect on student motivation, however, the addition of instructions and feedback were not found to have a significant effect. Individual studies on digital game-based learning showed a significant positive impact on student achievement, while one of two meta-analysis studies found that there was a small effect size for digital game-based learning on student achievement in mathematics. Further studies should be conducted on digital game-based learning at the K-12 level over an extended period of time with the addition of game design elements and instructional design. More studies where empirical/statistical data is collected, and involving content area experts in research was recommended.

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