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Fluid mechanics--Study and teaching (Secondary); Dual enrollment;


...this project has a focus in emphasizing concepts, activities and applications that provide opportunities for students to see the relationship between physics and other content areas and occupational fields. Moreover, this project is intended to be a resource for other instructors of dual-credit and/or upper level high school physics courses on a topic (fluid mechanics) that I have personally found lacking in terms of high-quality, detailed lessons and activities. The instructional unit in fluid mechanics that I developed for this project is structured using the 5E learning cycle pedagogy used in PRISMS PLUS (Cooney, et al, 2008). Each lesson plan is detailed according to activities that promote the five stages of the learning cycle including engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration and evaluation that will be discussed in more detail in later chapters. Finally, I will discuss some of the benefits and 9 criticisms of dual-credit courses. I will briefly note the issue that while dual-credit courses, especially those in physics, provide opportunities for students to experience the rigor and intellectual challenge of a college level course, the fact that often times the course is being taught in the high school setting by a high school instructor creates a unique set of circumstances that may potentially undermine the intentions of college-level rigor.

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