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The purpose of this study was to show that Mother Goose endures. The researcher expected that by looking at the more recent versions, one could see how these versions differed from the original in language and illustration. Content analysis was conducted to determine the extent of change in the language and illustrations of six selected Mother Goose nursery rhymes from thirteen copyrighted original collections from 1968-1988. Rhymes were compared with original rhymes as represented in The Oxford Dictionary of Nurserv Rhvmes to determine the degree of change in both the language and the illustrations. A data gathering instrument was used to record the data. Treatments f the illustrations in the rhymes were analyzed to determine whether they were real, sober, fanciful, or a combination of these 9ualities. Again the data was recorded on the data gathering instrument. From the data gathered the researcher was able to calculate percentages of rhymes that were unchanged and the percentage of each kind of treatment. It was expected that the majority of the language in the six rhymes would remain unchanged. This was not the case and the first hypothesis was rejected. It was hypothesized that the majority of the artistic treatments would be fanciful and humorous but the analysis revealed the largest percentage were real and sober. The second hypothesis about the illustration's treatment was rejected.

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Elizabeth Martin


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