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A Status Survey of the Reading Habits of Starmont High School Graduates reports on the reading habits of the graduates of the classes of 1976, 1981, 1986, and 1991. The purpose of the study was to determine if Starmont is producing graduates who are self-motivated readers . The author's intent was to also gain insight into the relationship between ability, education level achieved, reading attitude and the actual reading habits of Starmont graduates. A survey was sent to 289 graduates and resulted in 198 surveys being returned. Six hypotheses were tested with one, three, five, and six being accepted and two and four being rejected. In summary, Starmont graduates have a positive attitude toward reading and do read a variety of types of information; the graduates with above average ability read consistently more than the rest of the graduates, but not a great deal more; many, but not a majority, read more for information than for recreation; there is no significant difference in amount of reading done among different age groups included in this study; graduates with a positive attitude toward reading, read more books than those with a negative attitude. The researcher found that Starmont graduates exhibit all the characteristics of a LIFE READER except for the amount of reading done.

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Master of Arts


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Barbara R. Safford


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