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High school boys are often not motivated to read when required, let alone read for enjoyment. With the use of advanced technology provided through a one-to-one computer educational setting and resources, high school boys may have a different approach and attitude to reading for enjoyment.

The purpose of this study was to examine what high school boys chose to read, print and electronic, for enjoyment in an Iowa one-to-one computer educational setting. The questions asked in this research study included:

1. What topics do high school boys spend time investigating? What resources do they use?

2. How do high school boys access text to read for enjoyment? What texts are they accessing? When are they accessing the texts?

3. To what extent do high school boys use electronic resources provided by the school in their exploration? To what extent do they use free electronic resources?

To answer these questions, a qualitative research study was conducted. Observations of the school library environment and interactions were made, an electronic survey was completed, and individual interviews were conducted with participating high school boys in a one-to-one school.

The research study found that the student participants read about a variety of topics when reading for fun. These topics included science, history, and literature, among others. These high school boys read a balance of fiction and nonfiction texts for fun, usually in print format. They used their school-provided computers when conducting personal inquiry. The high school boys primarily used free electronic resources when recreationally reading.

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