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The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of the Apprenticeship Model for the teaching of information literacy skills. The research questions for this study were: (a) Will at least 70% of the participating students increase their scores on specific TRAILS Assessment items related to using information responsibly and ethically? (b) What improvements will students make towards the understanding of the responsible and ethical use of information? and (c) What best practices can be gained from the application of the Apprenticeship model to information literacy instruction?

Eighty-eight percent of the 25 students studied made gains by at least 5% on the TRAILS Assessment overall. Gains were made on the TRAILS Assessment scores for 56% of the students for the three TRAILS assessment questions related to the use of information responsibly and ethically.

The researcher incorporated the seven principles of the Apprenticeship Approach, also called the Workshop Approach, of Dorn and Jones (2012) in information literacy instruction during an eight week period. Students were assessed using the TRAILS Assessment and a research diary was utilized to show the efficacy of the Workshop Approach. The research diary's themes enlightened this researcher to the effectiveness and the challenges of using the Workshop Approach in a library setting.

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Karla Krueger


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