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A demographic survey was conducted of mothers from Van Buren County, Iowa. The population consisted of women who had given birth to a child in 1992 and received a TLC, TOMORROW'S LITERATE CHILDREN, packet. Questionnaires were sent out to 79 women, of whom, 35 responded. The questions focused on their age, employment, reading activities - a)what reading they did for themselves and their child, b)their source of books for their infants, c)the reading materials they provided, d)their use of the public libraries and e)their activities after they received the TLC packet. Findings indicated that although they had busy schedules, working and raising other children, and limited access to material concerning the role they could play, the mothers had attempted to read to their children daily (50%) and 66 percent saw themselves as a reading model. Findings also indicated a need to inform day-care providers of the need to schedule read-aloud time and to find ways to bring parents to the public library.

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Master of Arts


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Barbara R. Safford


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