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Five published guides for elementary media skills instruction were selected and compared for general learning skills, instruction in topical areas unique to the media center, and capacity for integrating media skills into the elementary school curriculum. The hypotheses checked the grade levels where general learning skills and topical areas were introduced, taught, or reviewed. The extent of media skills instruction and exposure to nonprint materials and activities was also examined for primary and intermediate grades. Written statements of philosophy were examined for evidence of the integration concept.

The hypothesis concerning general learning skills was rejected because an inadequate number of guides contained general learning skills as part of their skills descriptions. Each of the three hypotheses concerning topical areas unique to the media center was accepted, indicating that the guides provided an adequate percentage of initial instruction in these areas. The hypothesis dealing with instruction of nonprint materials and creative activities was rejected because an inadequate number of guides provided instruction in both areas for primary and intermediate grades. Three of the five guides contained philosophy in support of an integrated approach to teaching media skills, thus allowing the hypothesis on integration to be accepted.

The guides were varied in format and in their method of listing or describing skills introduced or taught. Some were difficult to record on the forms designed for this study. Media specialists utilizing any of these guides as a model for their own building programs will need to adapt them to fit the needs of their students, faculty, and facility.

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