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The purpose of this study was to determine which formats of leisure reading materials (hardback books, paperback books, magazines, comic books, and newspapers) middle school students read, which formats they prefer to read and where students gain access to their leisure reading materials. In February, 1980, during the school day, a questionnaire was completed by the fifth and sixth grade middle school students of Cherokee Community Schools, Cherokee, Iowa to determine leisure reading of students since school started in August, 1979.

Results of the survey by sex, grade level, and reading level revealed that 94.15 percent of the students reported reading an average of 7.00 paperback books each, 93.61 percent averaged reading 6.66 hardback books each, 70.21 percent averaged reading 5.45 magazines each, 62.77 percent averaged reading 9.39 comic books each and 69.39 percent read the newspaper daily.

Students indicated they preferred to read paperback books, hardback books, magazines, comic books, and newspapers in that order. Accessibility of material formats determines what students actually read.

The school library, public library and home were primary book sources; home, school library, and book and magazine displays were sources for magazines and comic books; and home, school library, and the newsstand were sources for newspapers.

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