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The purpose of this paper was to develop a means of identifying and categorizing violence in young adult novels. The professional literature reviewed helped to determine a working definition of violence and also provided insights for the researcher on how violence is categorized in the various medias by educators and socialogists. The identification and categorization of violence was applied to ten selected novels to form the basis for this research. The researcher selected five experts in the field of young adult literature who were interviewed and asked to submit ten or more titles of novels that they knew young adults were reading and that contained elements of violence. A compiled list of the ten most frequently mentioned novels was used for the research. For this research, the novels read were determined to be one of two categories of violence-realistic or non-realistic. This was determined by a method of content analysis developed for this research which included analysis of each unit of violence in four areas of concern: 1) perpetrator of the violence, 2) victim of the violence, 3) cause of the violence, and 4) the outcome of the violence. The data for each novel was recorded on a table. Several summary analyses of the content analysis data was done. On the whole, the method of content analysis and the categorization of violence developed for this research was satisfactory . and proved to be useable in analyzing the ten novels.

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Gerald G. Hodges


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