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The focus of this study was to investigate the perceptions and interest levels of women on the graphic communications and graphic arts fields. The research also determined women's perceptions on discrimination, job availability, and pay gaps between men and women in the areas of graphic communications and graphic arts. There was a high need for this study because research has proven that there is a lack of women that pursue technological careers. Therefore, the focus of this study was to determine if this. idea was true for the graphic communications and graphic arts areas of technology. The method of choice for conducting the research was in the form of a questionnaire which consisted of 13 questions. The questionnaire was given to four graphic communication classes, and to a number of random women outside of these classes. The study contained a total of 69 female participants. Thirty three of the women had majors in graphic communications and 36 had majors in other areas. It was found that women included in the study had a high interest level in pursuing a career in the graphic communications and graphic arts areas of technology. It was also found that the majority of the participants felt that discrimination wasn't an issue for women, that there were a large number of jobs available, and that there were pay rate differences between men and women in these areas. These results show that the graphic communication and graphics arts areas of technology do not lack women or women's interest.

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Master of Arts


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Shahram Varzavand


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