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This study examined why parents and students may have signed acceptable use policies without completely understanding the meaning or consequences of what that document implied. This study examined the acceptable use policy and its background, use and interpretation from the Iowa Valley School District in Marengo, Iowa.

A case study methodology was used to answer interview questions and collect data from the school district. Over a period of approximately two months, the researcher interviewed: students from various grade levels, teachers from various grade levels, technology coordinators, administrators, various board members, and various parents. The interviews were administered one at a time and the interviewees did not know what each other said. Notes were taken during every interview and were recorded for those who were comfortable with this format. (Interview questions are attached). Documents and archival records were collected before, after, and between interviews. The documents and archival records included board policies, the current and any other form of the AUP, meeting agenda and minutes referring to the AUP formation, and any other documentation leading to the writing, use, and interpretation of the AUP. The researcher also observed current use of the AUP and any explanation of the AUP in curriculum or on-the-spot teaching.

The data collected was organized into a database containing interview and observation notes, and a vertical file containing collected documentation and archival records. Once data collection was saturated, the researcher analyzed the interviews and observations according to a pattern model and then compared those results to the documentation and archival reports gathered. The results were then paralleled to the reviewed literature research in order to test for external validity.

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Barbara Safford


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