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This study was undertaken for the specific purpose of developing criteria for good historical fiction, applying the resulting criteria statements to each of the books that make up the "Little House" series, and determining the frequency of criteria appearance in each book separately and as a series. The purpose of this study was to develop and apply a criteria list to each of the books in the "Little House" series point by point.

A valid list of criteria has been established and used in evaluating the "Little House series. Eleven separate criterion which describe the five important elements of good fiction make up the checklist. This study applied the established criteria to each individual book of the "Little House" series. A weighted scale was used to determine the number of episodes in which each criterion appeared in a given book. The individual totals for the series ranged from 29 (87.8 percent) to 33 (100 percent). Every book in the series exceeded by several points the anticipations of the study. The "Little House" series met the criteria 95.83 percent of the time, exceeding the 60 percent requirement of the study. The "Little House" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder is a good example of historical fiction.

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Mary Lou McGrew


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