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This research paper is a literature review with a synthesis on the topic of corporate charitable giving. The author, a nonprofit fundraising professional, completed this work as a graduate student in the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development program at the University of Northern Iowa. This paper explores charitable giving trends, motivations, and strategies of for-profit corporations in a way that gives nonprofit fundraiser insights and recommendations for engagement. Corporate giving is a sizable pool for nonprofits to tap into, and the practices and nuances of the topic are evolving. The research was conducted keeping nonprofit organizations in mind and how they can form long-term partnerships with corporations as funders to their missions.

The research is made up of 42 sources ranging from 2023 to 1970. Using the literature, the paper explores the motivations that have and currently drive corporate philanthropy, the strategies and practices of corporate philanthropy, and the application of the content to be used by nonprofit organizations. The majority of the sources looked at corporate charitable giving and nonprofit organizations within the United States. In summation, the work shows that while corporate philanthropy can be generous, in today’s environment this practice is not completely altruistic. Nonprofit organizations provide great value to corporations when they partner

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