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The primary purpose of this research paper was to show the reading interests of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students at Berg Elementary School in Newton, Iowa. The second purpose was then to compare their interests to the book and media collection found in the Instructional Resource Center. To develop these two purposes, the researcher set up seven objectives to be used as guides for this reading interest study.

1. To survey the reading interests of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students at Berg Elementary School.

2, To divide the results of this survey into grade level reports. The survey is found on pages 26 and 27 in the Appendix.

3. To divide the results into categories which would reflect reading differences due to cultural adaptations of sex roles, such as girls wanting to read books about family life and boys reading books about sports.

4. To compare the number of books available for each subject area listed on the survey to that of the total Instructional Resource Center collection of 6,206 and measure it in percentage figures.

5. To compare the total collection to the reading interests of these fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. This was measurable by showing percentage figures.

6. To make a yes and no comparison of the two questions on the second page of the survey. One qu~stion asked about paperback book reading interests. The second question &sked about the student's enjoyment in using multi-media kits to enhance reading.

7. To offer the librarian use of this research paper as a guide in ordering books and materials related to the reading interests of this select group.

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Charles Adams


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