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Historians have traditionally viewed the Westward Movement in terms of the male experience and ignored the role of women completely. Because the woman's role in the settlement of the West was often a domestic role, it has been assigned little importance. Women were, however, instrumental in the pioneering of the West, especially in the Midwest and Great Plains. History textbooks often provide little information on women. The use of supplemental materials will, therefore, greatly add to a student's understanding of women and their contributions to American history. In addition, the inclusion of literature in the study of history can make the past more than just dates and places.

In order to provide a listing of supplemental information which accurately portrays the lives of females in the Midwest and Great Plains during a period from 1815-1890, an annotated bibliography of historical novels, biographies, and diaries has been compiled for use by students, media specialists, and teachers. Titles are arranged by literature type; each entry includes a complete bibliographic citation.

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