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Graphic novels; Elementary school teachers--Attitudes;


The purpose of this research study is to ascertain classroom teachers’ dispositions toward graphic novels as quality literature and the rationale for their beliefs and attitudes. Of particular interest in this study is how teacher dispositions toward graphic novels may differ across teacher age groups. In conducting research, a survey was given to a variety of classroom teachers. These participants are language arts teachers for grades three through eight and range in age from 20 to 60 years. The researcher recorded the frequencies and percentages of responses, looking for teachers’ perceptions of graphic novels, the origin of these perceptions, and a correlation between teachers’ ages and attitudes toward using graphic novels in their classrooms. The researcher discovered that most teachers surveyed use graphic novels no more than once per year, though they do believe that this text format is beneficial and motivating to students. The majority of teachers have not had training in the uses of graphic novels, but indicate that they would likely use them more often if they had more knowledge about them. While younger teachers were more often introduced to graphic novels in their pre-service education, these teachers were not necessarily more likely to use graphic novels with students. In fact, little correlation existed between teachers’ ages and their perceptions of graphic novels.

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