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The fact that black student academic performance has persistently fallen short of white student performance has been a matter of concern among educational practitioners and has been documented in countless educational and sociological literature. Not only has this trend been reflected in lower SAT scores and lower GPA's, but also in lower retention and higher attrition rates (Garibaldi, 1986; Wilson, 1981). The results of numerous studies have suggested various factors that might contribute to this unfortunate state of affairs. These range from factors that are internal to the student such as self-esteem, achievement motivation, and self-expectancy, to factors that are external to the student such as socioeconomic status, parental attitudes, school learning environment, and teacher expectations (Feldman & Donohoe, 1978; Marjoribanks, 1981; Holliday, 1985).

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Master of Arts in Education


Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations

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Charles V. L. Dedrick

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Larry L. Kavich


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