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Due to their severity and prevalence, eating disorders are currently a significant public health issue in the United States particularly among preadolescent females (Mitchell & Eckert, 1987; Lenihan & Sanders, 1984; Eisele, Herstgard, & Light, 1986). In each decade between 1950 and 1980, the number of pre-adolescent children diagnosed with anorexia nervosa has doubled (Rickards, 1982 as cited in Rhyne-Winkler, 1994; Peters, Butterfield, Swassing, & McKay, 1984). The increase in eating-disordered behaviors and attitudes exhibited among young females may be caused by or exacerbated by life-style changes within the family as well as by society's focus on thinness and beauty (Rourke, Smith, & Nolte, 1984 as cited in Rhyne-Winkler & Hubbard, 1994). Eating-disordered behavior can seriously affect children's school performance and learning (Pearson & Long, 1979 as cited in Rhyne-Winkler & Vacc, 1989; Pearson & Long, 1982 as cited in Rhyne-Winkler & Hubbard, 1994).

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Master of Arts in Education


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Audrey L. Smith


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