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To effectively convey a message can present a difficult task. Communicating means more than merely getting a message from a sender to a receiver. To be effective, the message must be understood by the receiver on the sender's terms. The instrument used to convey the message is the medium, and the medium is often as important as the content of the message. Today, someone with a message to convey can select from a wide variety of media to aid in the effective delivery of their particular message. Media have been employed as communications aids since the time of Moses. When the Lord summoned Moses to Mount Sinai, Moses saw Him as a fiery cloud and lightening and heard His voice amid mighty peals of thunder. His message was the Ten Commandments. This is the earliest recorded use of audio-visual technique to get a message across, understood by the receiver on the sender's terms. In the author's opinion, professionals in business, industry, religion and education must be aware of the availability of communications resources and must possess skill in using any of those resources to meet their communications needs.

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Roger A. Kueter


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