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Jie-Qi Chen


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The large number of research studies which have been published on the cross-cultural implications of Piaget's cognitive development theory are extremely varied. This study attempts to classify them into three areas: sequence of cognitive development, rate of cognitive development, and the influential factors of cognitive development, in order to verify the universality of Piaget's theory and put forward some suggestions about educational practice. The review and analysis of related literature indicates that first, the universality of the sequence of cognitive development only deals with sensorimotor and pre-operation stages rather than concrete and formal operational stages. Second, the age of acquisition of each stage criterion varies in different cultures and environment. Finally, cultural structures, type of schooling, and different environments are all influential factors in cognitive development. They are either interactive or separate in influencing cognitive function. It is these factors that create the different rate of cognitive development as well as non-universality of concrete and formal operational stages. Moreover, it is this point that suggests to us that educational practice should focus on not only the product but also the process of cognitive development.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Charles R. May

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