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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a personal plan of enrichment on library use by thirteen mildly mentally retarded adolescents, ages 14-18, These students were members of a special education class at Tripoli High School, Tripoli, Iowa. Students were interviewed at the beginning and ending of the fall semester, 1988-1989, about their attitudes toward the library media center and staff. Before the study began the students did not use the library media center during any free periods at school by their own choice. They were observed daily during six observation weeks that fell at approximately three week intervals during the semester. Their Individualized Educational Plans were considered for units taught and media used. An increase of awareness and use of the library media center by a majority of students during the six observation weeks could not be confirmed. More students thought they could find materials independently than actually did so. A majority of the students did not spend some of their free periods in the library media center during three of the observation weeks. Circumstances that affected the outcome of the study were a Job skills program that left students with little free time at school and a high rate of absenteeism by four of the students. Emotional problems within the classroom itself affected movement within the school building. However, student use of the library media center increased greatly during those weeks when the library media program was focused on the individual interests of the students and some students have developed regular patterns of library media center use during their free periods at school.

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