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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Sustained Silent Reading Program in the Nashua Junior-Senior High School. The analysis was accomplished by surveying a random sample of students' attitudes on reading in general and their attitudes and opinions about the SSR program. Teachers were also surveyed about their attitudes toward the SSR program. Results of the survey showed no significant difference at the .05 level on the responses of students by grade level to statements about motivation to read and reading as a desirable activity. The average mean was 2.67 with the seventh grade having the highest (2.82) and the eleventh grade the lowest (2.48). A majority of the students' responses (68 percent) indicated that they were in favor of continuing the SSR program. However, 78 percent wanted some type of change with the greatest (31 percent) wanting a longer time. The teachers' responses indicated that only 43 percent believed that the SSR program motivated students to read and to understand that reading is a desirable activity. A majority of the teachers (56 percent) disagree that the program should be continued as it is currently implemented, yet only 7 responses indicated that they wanted "no change" and only 3 responses indicated that the program should be discontinued. Other questions on the surveys dealt with types of materials read during the SSR period and the sources of these materials. The ultimate use of the study's results was to determine if the SSR program should be continued as a worthwhile one. The data may be of use to decide what alterations could be made in the program and could serve as a basis for future evaluations.

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Leah Hiland

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W. Duane Johnson


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