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Numerous studies have been conducted throughout the past several decades on the topic of gender stereotypes present in children's picture books. The purpose of this quantitative content analysis is to examine the portrayal of males and females and the representation of gender roles in children's picture book illustrations. This analysis of 43 children's picture books awarded the Caldecott Award or Caldecott Honor between 2001 and 2011 sought to determine whether or not 21st century award winning children's picture book illustrations portrayed gender stereotypes. Each title was analyzed using a content analysis form to test the three hypotheses for this study. Upon completion of the data collection and analysis, the researcher arrived at several findings regarding the appearance of gender stereotypes in children's picture book illustrations. Males outnumbered females in leadership roles or acting in a leaderly way by 60%. Females outpaced males performing nurturing behavior by 9%. Males were portrayed in a wider variety of occupations than females, but both genders tend to be representative of the jobs commonly held by their respective genders in the Unites States.

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Jean Donham


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