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The number of children and young adults being raised primarily by their grandparents continues to increase (Landry-Meyer & Newman, 2004). If either the grandchild or grandparent is suddenly thrust into a different family structure it can create challenges. Some young adults turn to the characters in literature as models for how to cope with life challenges (Hughes-Hassell & Rodge, 2007). It was the purpose of this quantitative study to explore physical health, mental and emotional health, and lifestyle and social challenges faced by grandparents and grandchildren when the grandparents are the primary caregivers, and how those challenges are portrayed in current young adult literature. Eighty-eight books were identified and from them ten were carefully examined using a data collection tool to determine the relationship and whether or not these issues were addressed. The findings of this study showed less than 20% of the books identified showed a grandparent as the primary caregiver of a young adult and the majority of the books did not portray the physical, mental and emotional, and social and lifestyle issues in a way that was consistent with the literature review.

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Karla Krueger


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