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Science teachers--Training of--Middle West; Student teachers--Training of--Middle West; Inquiry-based learning;


This study examines how students' scientific ideas compare between students who have taken different numbers of general science and inquiry science courses at a midwestern university. The purpose of this study is to gain perspective and to inform current teaching practices based on how preservice elementary education teachers view scientific ideas after taking a different number of inquiry science courses. Students in a science inquiry course completed a science survey (Appendix B) of science and non-science questions and were asked to explain their reasoning. A scoring rubric (Wilson et al., 2010) was used to apply a score for correct and incorrect claims as well as correct justification based on providing evidence and reasoning. While the results from a showed an upward trend in terms of correct responses as students progressed through both inquiry science and general science courses, the justification and science reasoning was lacking. A Kruskal-Wallis test showed a statistically significant relationship between the number of science courses and the scores on the science survey, H (3) = 9.313, P = 0.025. An additional Kruskal-Wallis test did not show a statistically significant relationship between the number of inquiry science courses and the scores on the science survey, H (2) =5.077, P = 0.079. Lastly, a Mann Whitney U test indicated that students seeking an endorsement in science teaching was not significantly higher than those who were not, U=151.00, p =0.789. These findings can have implications for university level inquiry science courses as well as inform my own instruction and advocacy for inquiry in my current school district.

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