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Distance education -- Indonesia; Language arts -- Computer-assisted instruction;


This paper highlights using distance education to support students in learning English in· Indonesia. The purpose is to discuss using distance education for English instruction in Indonesia, the cultural uniqueness of Indonesian students' learning styles, and a model of distance education to deliver English instruction in Indonesia. Library research involved resources relating to distance education and teaching English in the Indonesian culture. This research involved a variety of print references, electronic databases and a variety of Web resources. Research indicated that distance educat10n in Indonesia has been implemented since the 1950s. The developmental history of distance education in Indonesia was classified into three phases; introductory, socialization, and innovation phases. It was recognized that there are many similarities between the learning styles of Indonesian students and the students in the western countries but typical cultures of learning are quite different. The typical cultures of Indonesian students' learning are audio-verbal learners. The author recommended using an integrated model of distance education to deliver English instruction in Indonesia.

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Master of Arts


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Leigh E. Zeitz

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Mary C. Herring


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