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Card catalogs--Study and teaching (Elementary);


This research study set out to determine if an audio-tutorial package or a slide-tape learning package was more effective in teaching card index skills. The researcher predicted no significant difference at the .05 level in the two groups. Literature was reviewed on audio-tutorial packages, characteristics of media, the projected image, and theories of learning. The two learning packages were designed, piloted, and revised. The population was thirty third grade students at Grant Elementary School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This population was randomly divided into two treatment groups. The students took similar pretests and post tests and completed the same follow-up activities. Treatment Group A used seven audio-tutorial packages. Treatment Group B used seven slide-tape packages. A t test was performed on the means of the post test scores of each group. No significant difference in the effectiveness of the two learning packages was found, but students in each group made noticeable gains.

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Master of Arts


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Mary Lou McGrew


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