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According to AASL (2010), multiple research studies have confirmed that there is a correlation between school library programs staffed by certified school librarians and increased student achievement; yet, many schools are also beginning to employ literacy coaches to improve reading achievement. With the teacher librarian being a well-established part of the school system, and playing a vital role in supporting students’ reading achievement, a clear definition of roles is needed. The purpose of this case study was to analyze roles and responsibilities of teacher librarians and literacy coaches and to determine how schools can utilize one or both of these positions to maximize effective teaching and learning of reading. To this end, semi-structured interviews with teacher librarians and a literacy coach working within the same school district were conducted. Responses were coded for themes using a constant comparative method. An initial list of coding categories was drawn from key professional organization’s position statements, and then modified as new categories emerged. The researcher compared themes that emerged in the teacher librarian’s role with those that emerged in the literacy coach’s role to determine how each professional supports students and teachers in the area of reading, and where collaboration takes place. Results show that both teacher librarian and literacy coaches support students and teachers in the area of reading; however, a greater efficiency and efficacy in collaboration is needed to maximize instruction and benefit teaching and learning.

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