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Special section: TO & PO During the Pandemic


Applied Theatre in general and Theatre of the Oppressed in particular have been put into practice for a long time now. Right since when Augusto Boal started Theatre of the Oppressed in the 1960's the tools have been utilized in many oppressive situations. Augusto focused on marginalized societies and their people. He believed that every individual who is not allowed to voice out their opinion, thoughts (political, social), views, and choices can be considered to be oppressed.

Today, in the year 2020 with the current crisis of the breakout of the communicable virus Covid 19 everyone is forced to stay indoors, resulting in oppressive scenarios due to collateral damage caused to the social and economic framework of most of the countries. Trying to make ends meet, families have been going through much.

During this time while everything was shutting down Rangbhumi (An Applied Theatre Organization) launched workshops and performances online. Using Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, and other allied practices of Applied Theatre we tried to reach people and listen to their voices. Through these initiatives we observed and studied the effectiveness and efficiency of online sessions, looking at them as a tool to be used in the present and the future for creating safe spaces to share.

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