Volume 82, Number 3-4 (1975)

Issue number 3-4 of volume 82 (1975); cover date is May 1976.

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General Interest Articles


Man and His Technology p. 148-152
Clifford G. McCollum



Formation Constants for Dithiooxalate Complexes p. 156-157
William A. Deskin, Julie Worcester, Richard Cell, and Gary Lord


The Effigy Mound Manifestation in Iowa p. 166-170
R. Clark Mallam


Comparative Foraging Behavior of Six Sympatric Woodpecker Species p. 179-181
George J. Gamboa and Kenneth M. Brown


Occurrence of the Blue-Spotted Salamander, Ambystoma laterale, m Iowa p. 182-186
Bruce W. Menzel and Karl E. Goellner


Current Status of the Woodcock in Iowa p. 191-193
Eugene D. Kloglan, H. Lee Gladfelter, Robert G. Sheets, and Gene Hlavka

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