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UNI ScholarWorks, UNI’s institutional repository, reached 5 million global downloads! Our repository showcases the knowledge, creativity and innovative spirit of UNI. UNI ScholarWorks demonstrates the reach and impact of campus departments and programs on a global platform. Works by UNI authors are being used to help solve global society issues and problems. The repository contains over 43,500 works and receives over 1 million downloads per year. The top downloaded work is a student article, “Factors Affecting Economic Growth in Developing Countries” (Major Themes in Economics), by Parash Upreti, with over 73,000 downloads. The Graduate College has over 2.4 million downloads and the College of Education has over 1.7 million downloads. People from all over the world are downloading works in ScholarWorks. Some of the remote places where people are downloading works include Greenland, Falkland Islands, Baffin Island, and Bora Bora. The U.S. Department of Education is a regular user. The repository is also accessed by many higher education institutions around the world and numerous state education agencies.


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