Annual Graduate Student Symposium



Events from 2017

“You Are Either With Us or Against Us”: How Newspaper Coverage Shapes Our Perceptions of Terrorists, Bradley Dyke Oral Presentation

Iowan Schoolmarms: The Significance of Iowa Rural Schools and the Feminization Movement, 1865-1920, Ashley Loper Oral Presentation

Mapping American Experiences with Jungle: Highlights of "The Bush" In American Popular Culture, Alexander Newkirk Oral Presentation

Not-So-Godless Communists: American Perceptions of the Russian Orthodox Church After World War II, Jessica Patterson Poster Presentation

Love and Courtship in Colonial America: A Look into the Late Colonial Romance of Philip Vickers Fithian and Elizabeth Beatty, 1773-1774, Alex Pauls Oral Presentation

Holodomor: The Man-made Famine in Ukraine from 1929-1933, Kayla Seppelt Oral Presentation

Events from 2016

Captain Benjamin Bonneville and the Market Revolution: Redefining a Minor Character in America's Westward Expansion, Adam Christians Oral Presentation

One-Room School Heroes: The Feminization of Rural Schools, Ashley Loper Oral Presentation

'From Soprano to Barking Dog:' Public Response to John Cage and Avant-Garde Music, 1950-Present, Heather McAlpine Oral Presentation

"A Global License to Kill" Exploring the Culture of Hunting Within Safari Club International During the 1980's: Ethics of Hunting Globally in the Reagan Era., Alexander Newkirk Oral Presentation

Events from 2015

“More Gallant By Far”: Middle Class Enforcement of Masculine Ideals During the Evacuation of the Titanic, Annalee Hollingsworth Oral Presentation

Women on Wheels: Gender Construction and Bicycling in the 1890s, Andrea Myli Oral Presentation


An American’s Paris: Tourism and the American Consumer, 1947-1961, Margaret Nervig Open Access Oral Presentation


Rock Against Reagan: Punk Rock, Politics, and the 1984 Presidential Election, Jonathan Kyle Williams Open Access Oral Presentation