Annual Graduate Student Symposium



Events from 2018

"Half-Breeds," Squatters, and Land Speculators: The Struggle Over the Half- Breed Tract in Southeast Iowa, Matthew Hill Oral Presentation

Iowa Rural School Memoirs and Identity, Brian Jesteadt Oral Presentation

"Tangled Twilight." The Twilight of American Idealism and Progress, and Reflections on the American Soul in Nature During the Vietnam War, 1965-1973, Alexander Newkirk Oral Presentation

Dan Gable: Center of the Wrestling World, Alex Pauls Oral Presentation

Overcoming Obstacles: UNI Business Women Challenge the Status Quo, Emily Snodgrass Oral Presentation

Events from 2017

“You Are Either With Us or Against Us”: How Newspaper Coverage Shapes Our Perceptions of Terrorists, Bradley Dyke Oral Presentation

Iowan Schoolmarms: The Significance of Iowa Rural Schools and the Feminization Movement, 1865-1920, Ashley Loper Oral Presentation

Mapping American Experiences with Jungle: Highlights of "The Bush" In American Popular Culture, Alexander Newkirk Oral Presentation

Not-So-Godless Communists: American Perceptions of the Russian Orthodox Church After World War II, Jessica Patterson Poster Presentation

Love and Courtship in Colonial America: A Look into the Late Colonial Romance of Philip Vickers Fithian and Elizabeth Beatty, 1773-1774, Alex Pauls Oral Presentation

Holodomor: The Man-made Famine in Ukraine from 1929-1933, Kayla Seppelt Oral Presentation

Events from 2016

Captain Benjamin Bonneville and the Market Revolution: Redefining a Minor Character in America's Westward Expansion, Adam Christians Oral Presentation

One-Room School Heroes: The Feminization of Rural Schools, Ashley Loper Oral Presentation

'From Soprano to Barking Dog:' Public Response to John Cage and Avant-Garde Music, 1950-Present, Heather McAlpine Oral Presentation

"A Global License to Kill" Exploring the Culture of Hunting Within Safari Club International During the 1980's: Ethics of Hunting Globally in the Reagan Era., Alexander Newkirk Oral Presentation

Events from 2015

“More Gallant By Far”: Middle Class Enforcement of Masculine Ideals During the Evacuation of the Titanic, Annalee Hollingsworth Oral Presentation

Women on Wheels: Gender Construction and Bicycling in the 1890s, Andrea Myli Oral Presentation


An American’s Paris: Tourism and the American Consumer, 1947-1961, Margaret Nervig Open Access Oral Presentation


Rock Against Reagan: Punk Rock, Politics, and the 1984 Presidential Election, Jonathan Kyle Williams Open Access Oral Presentation