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Baxter (Iowa)--History--Study and teaching (Elementary);


National, state, and local standards are the forerunners in what educators are using to teach students in the classrooms. A lack of resources for young students can be detrimental when teaching students while also trying to follow those standards. The upper elementary grades at Baxter Community School District are lacking in those resources to teach about the local history of their town. The purpose of this project is to create an interactive book that can be used to help fulfill those needs in the teaching of local history. A concern for this project was determining what items to include in the book and what sources would be available to use for the research. A final concern was how to organize the information in the book.

The book, Baxter: Through the Years was created by using the information gained from an interview with Bev Cross the local historian, Jasper County Historical Society, and from six books: Recollections and Sketches of Northwest Jasper; A History of the Schools of Jasper County, Iowa; Pioneer Tales of Jasper County; My Ain Folk; A Dictionary of Iowa Place-Names; and History of Jasper County Iowa.

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Master of Arts


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Jean Donham


A copy of the project Baxter: Through the Years is available in the Baxter Community Library.

A copy of the project is also available in the School Library Studies office at the University of Northern Iowa.

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