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This study recognized that teachers perform under an incredible amount of stress daily. They feel overcome at the end of each day by stress and high expectations placed upon them for their students to achieve (Black, 2003, p. 37). In addition, the study showed that reading aloud was an important component in helping students become excited about reading and writing. Furthermore, research shows teachers need to help students make connections between what the teacher shares as a read-aloud and what is being taught in the classroom. Therefore, the media specialist is there to help teachers make the connection between award-winning literature and classroom curriculum.

This study demonstrated how the media specialist is a valuable resource in assisting teachers in reviewing current award-winning children's literature to develop the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing in their classroom curriculum. It provided teachers with minilesson ideas that relate current ALA Notable Children's Books for Younger and Middle Readers to the 6 + 1 Trait™ model that supports the Reading and Language Arts Benchmarks and Teaching Objectives in the Waukee School District.

In the conclusion of the this study the researcher found that it was an enlightening job to look closely through award-winning picture books and discuss them with the reading strategist in the district. The researcher found that simple conversations about each book sparked an amazing amount of ideas. As a media specialist, when books arrive and suit a particular part of a grade levels curriculum they are placed with a note in the teachers' mailboxes. Often without that one-on-one conversation the books are returned without seeing their full potential on correlating the book with curriculum. Today in the average school day there is so much stress placed on the teacher it is hard to find time to discuss how literature can enhance their classroom curriculum. These mini-lesson ideas will be a great start to begin a better line of communication.

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