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The media center serves a vital role in the functioning of an effective educational program in a junior high school. In order for students to maximize use of the media center they should have easy access to the area.

The purpose of this study was to determine if the student in an open space school had easier access to the media center and its resources than a student in a traditional school with a media center enclosed by walls and doors. The four areas of concern were the location of the media center, school policies, teacher classroom policies and the media specialist policies.

An open space junior high school and a traditional junior high school were chosen to participate in the study. The media specialist kept a record of individual and group usage of the media center on ten specific days during the second quarter of the 1978-79 school year. Questionnaires were answered by building principals, teachers and media specialists to determine if their policies were flexible and positive or restrictive to student access to the media center.

Results of the study indicated that the location of the media center was not a significant factor in the access of the student to the media center. School policies, teacher classroom policies and media specialists policies in the open space school were less positive than those policies in the traditional school. The traditional media center was more accessible to students as indicated by the 5.5 percent more student usage during the 10 day counting cycle.

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