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Dual enrollment students are in a unique position where they are simultaneously high school students and college students. This study investigated the information literacy expectations for dual enrollment students by analyzing the language of six course syllabi used in dual enrollment Composition courses. The research questions investigated included what the course syllabi communicated about information literacy skills, library resources, and institutional and high school libraries and librarians.

While the sample of six course syllabi reviewed for this study was relatively small, it is clear that instructors have high expectations of their students and expect them to produce college-level writing and research. It is also clear that there is an expectation of familiarity in the use of library resources. Given that approximately 44,000 Iowa students are enrolled in dual enrollment courses makes the concept of college readiness in high school even more urgent, as students in these courses are already being expected to produce college-level work while still in the position of being a high school student.

Dual enrollment course instructors expected students to exhibit competence in some aspects of the themes of Information Literacy, Writing, and Learner Dispositions, especially the subthemes of locating, evaluating, and documenting information, supporting a thesis with evidence and exhibiting self-reliance and open-mindedness. However, less clearly communicated and represented in the syllabi were expectations of competence in the subthemes of initiating the inquiry, developing a thesis, and in exhibiting planfulness and curiosity.

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